Catharine Infield’s experience and Listening for Learning’s background


I am a highly experienced vocational teacher of the deaf who particularly enjoys workin with parents, babies and pre-school children.

Training and Qualifications

Certificate in Education, University of London, 1978

  • Qualified teacher status: Teacher number 75/ 61205
  • Certificate in the Education of Deaf and Partially Hearing Children, awarded by the University of Oxford in 1979.
  • Masters degreee in education (Hearing Impairment) awarded by the University of Manchester, 2002.
  • Post graduate diploma in Special Educational Needs (Deafblindness), awarded by the University of Birmingham,2009.

Current work

I am currently working independently promoting listening for learning helping parents, children and teachers to develop the auditory potential of deaf babies and children through listening, so that they can maximise their learning and cognitive development. I have a specific interest in listening and speaking and using auditory verbal techniques to support children’s emerging skills in spoken language. 

Support for families of deaf chidren

  • Regular sessions for parents with babies and children to help  parents understand and promote auditory development and spoken language communication at home.
  • Taster sessions. 
  • Informal discussions by telephone (without charge).
  • One – off assessments of children’s or babies’  needs.
  • Written reports of children’s current development and future needs
  • Advice and support for parents who want to change their child’s school.
  • Special interest in children with late access to audition and spoken language. 
  • Assessment and support for families who would like to change to a auditory oral communication mode.

Support for families with deafblind children

I take a special interest in deafblindness, and I am a qualified teacher for children with multisensory impairement / deafblindness. My work includes:

  • Support for families who need independent assessments for their child.
  • Advocacy for families who need reports on their child’s needs and support in meetings. 
  • Deafblind guidance for local authorities. I am appropriately qualified to prepare deafblind guidance. 
  • Support for families who may need to have a multisensory approach to communication with deafblind children, or those with complex needs. 
  • Leading holidays for Sense.

Support for schools and services

  • Inservice training for teachers of the deaf in  schools, units and services.
  • Training for non-specialist teachers, in mainstream or special schools and units. 
  • Training for care staff in schools with residential accomodation for pupils / students.
  • Planning and delivering parents groups for schools, units and services.  

Previous experience

Most recent post

I served children and parents at GOSH cochlear implant programme for nearly a decade. I  worked closely with medical, surgical and clinical colleagues in the hospital to support families and patients undergoing assessment, surgery or post surgical rehabillitation. This involved working with a diverse range of families and children. As GOSH is a highly specialist centre, many patients had rare conditions affecting their hearing, health or general development. During my time at GOSH I:

  • Initiated the development of LInked uP (London Implant Programmes), a collaboration of London implant centres teachers of the deaf who worked together to try to promote a coordinated service for teachers of the deaf in the region.
  • Providing training for teachers in training as teachers of the deaf both at the University of Hertfordshire and at the Mary Hare School course.
  • Worked with the 3rd sector, to promote the welfare of patients and their families by working in partnership with charities to meet the needs of patients in creative ways.

Now Catharine has developed Listening for Learning so that she can continue to follow her interests in supporting parents to enable their deaf babies and young children to develop listening and spoken language skills, enabling them to get the most out of their hearing technology and equipping deaf babies and children to develop ‘Listening for Learning’.

Other prior experience

I have worked in a wide range roles:

  • Deputy head teacher in special schools for the deaf, both primary and secondary.
  • Specialist peripatetic teacher of the deaf with responsibility for pre-school and primary aged children at home or at school.
  • In specialist units for children with learning difficulties, visual impairment and special educational needs relating to health.
  • In a hospital tuition unit.
  • In specialist nursery provision. 

Get in touch

If you'd like to speak to discover whether my work is right for your family's needs get in touch by email or phone to arrange a time. Use the form below to send an email or call 020 7228 1055. There is no charge for this initial call, and no obligation to commit to working together.