1:1 sessions, parents’ groups, one-off assessments, in-service training, suppport for schools plus family and carer sessions available.

I offer a bespoke service for each individual family to help them develop their baby or child’s listening and spoken language skills; to enable hearing impaired children to fulfil their potential to learn through listening, at home in their day to day life, and later, at nursery and then at school.

Sessions offered are regular fortnightly or monthly sessions of listening and spoken language development in my playroom in South West London. These are arranged to suit the family’s routine, and can be available at weekends, to enable busy parents to attend.

Intervention is always targeted at enabling babies and children to make auditory development, and, where it is appropriate, will be delivered using auditory verbal techniques.

The aim of Listening for Learning sessions is to enable parents and caregivers to integrate auditory development into every aspect of their baby’s / child’s life, so that listening and spoken language development becomes an integral part of daily life.

The charge for a session, which typically lasts 1 ½ hours is £100, fully inclusive of individual session preparation and follow up notes from the session.

In order to ease the financial pressure on parents, sessions can be booked and paid for on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Families whose children attend regular Listening for Learning sessions can expect 6 monthly reports to enable them to monitor their child’s progress.

I also offer a range of other services:

Parents’ Groups

Schools can request parent’s sessions on specific topics, either a one off morning or afternoon session, or a weekly series of workshops on an issue of interest.

Parents themselves may group together to request a one off session, or a series of sessions, either in their own homes, or in the Listening for Learning playroom.

In-service Training for Schools and Services

Schools or Services who would like INSET on a specific topic are welcome to contact me to discuss their needs. Topics that are often of interest are differentiating a literacy hour text to meet listening and spoken language needs across a range of stages, how to develop Theory of Mind in pre-school or school aged children and strategies for developing auditory memory across a range of language development levels.

Family and Carer’s Sessions

If you would like a one-off session to help family members with understanding the listening needs of a deaf baby or child I am happy to arrange a specific appointment.

This could be a play based session for siblings, or an informal session for grandparents, uncles and aunts. If you are going to employ a new nanny or child minder I can provide an induction session to help the new care giver meet your child’s listening needs effectively.

If you think you would benefit from Listening for Learning but you are not able to afford the service please contact me for an informal conversation on 020 7228 1055 to see if we can find a way forward to meet your child’s needs.

One-off assessments

I can offer a one-off assessment of your baby or child’s need for listening and spoken language development, providing parents with a diagnostic assessment by means of a written report.

If you want help for an educational assessment or, if you have a child with dual sensory impairment and want a deafblind assessment (of social needs) please contact me for a discussion of your family’s specific circumstances.

Collaborative Support for Schools

If your child is in a school where s/he is unable to get peripatetic support I can offer school visits. I can give initial staff training before your child joins a new school, and ongoing support on meeting the needs of the child who learns through hearing technology, with termly visits or a one-off visit, as required.

I can offer staff in service training in practical strategies to enable the effective inclusion of your child in their learning activities and social inclusion, inside and outside the classroom.

If a school might appreciate additional support in meeting your child’s learning needs I am happy to collaborate with the family, child, school and service staff to work out holistic ways of meeting children’s needs.

If you don’t see here the service that you need you are welcome to call me for a discussion with no obligation and no commitment.

Get in touch

If you'd like to speak to discover whether my work is right for your family's needs get in touch by email or phone to arrange a time. Use the form below to send an email or call 020 7228 1055. There is no charge for this initial call, and no obligation to commit to working together.